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Frequently Asked Questions

Insert Coin Genesis Bitcoin ATM

What is a Bitcoin ATM and how does it differ from traditional ATMs?

A Bitcoin ATM allows users to buy or sell Bitcoins using cash. Unlike traditional ATMs where you can withdraw or deposit fiat currency from your bank account, Bitcoin ATMs facilitate crypto transactions, allowing you to receive Bitcoins into your digital wallet or sell them to receive cash.

How much are the transaction fees at Insert Coin Bitcoin ATMs?

Insert Coin prides itself on offering some of the most competitive rates in the market. Transaction fees may vary based on market conditions, but rest assured, we strive to keep them affordable. Current fee rates are displayed clearly on each ATM and our website.

How do I use an Insert Coin Bitcoin ATM?

  1. Select the desired transaction type: Buy or Sell.
  2. Scan your Bitcoin wallet QR code (for buying) or provide a receiving address (for selling).
  3. Insert cash (for buying) or send Bitcoin (for selling).
  4. Confirm the transaction and receive Bitcoins in your wallet or cash. Always ensure your wallet is secure and remember to take your transaction receipt.

What are the transaction limits on Insert Coin Bitcoin ATMs?

Transaction limits can vary depending on factors like user verification and ATM location. Generally, our ATMs have a minimum transaction amount and a daily maximum limit. These limits are provided on the ATM interface during transactions and can also be checked on our website.

Are Insert Coin Bitcoin ATMs safe and secure?

Absolutely! Our ATMs employ advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure every transaction is secure. Additionally, we are compliant with all necessary regulations, ensuring user safety and data protection at all times.

I encountered a problem at the ATM. How can I get assistance?

We apologize for any inconvenience. Please reach out to our excellent customer support team either through the contact form on our website, by calling our helpline, or by emailing [email protected]. We are dedicated to assisting you promptly.

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